Long Track Speed Skating Ranking List

Evolution record explanation:

Only official records recognized by the ISU (KNSB for Dutch records) are numbered and in capitals.
The inofficial best performances are placed in two categories.
- The world records which were improved in the same competition are not numbered, but not indented.
- Any other inofficial performance is indented some spaces, but they are only placed in the list if
the performance is the best ever at that time. (not just sub-worldrecord)
Also mass-start results, results on straight tracks and training results which were never recognized
as personal best are not placed in this overview.

The following footnotes are used in the record lists: o   Only results on Dutch tracks were accepted at that time (Dutch records only) p   Passing time in a longer distance race. q   Quartet start. s   Same pair on last distance. t   Two single competitions. Some historical city names from the lists: "Kristiania" until 1925. "Oslo" since 1925 "Trondhjem" until 1929. "Nidaros" 1930. "Trondheim" since 1931 "Karl-Marx-Stadt" until 1990. "Chemnitz" since 1991 "Leningrad" between 1917 and 1991. "Sankt Peterburg" until 1917 and since 1991 "Alma Ata" until 1991. "Almaty" since 1991. "Gorkij" until 1991. "Nizjnij Novgorod" since 1991. "Sverdlovsk" until 1991. "Ekaterinburg" since 1991.